Is Maximalist Interior Design More Your Vibe?

Maximalist Interior Design

While minimalism continues to take the world by storm, you may find yourself further embracing your love of layered interior design. Minimalist or not, maximalist interior design may be a better fit in terms of style and comfort.

At-Home Gallery Wall

An at-home gallery wall is an excellent alternative to oversized artwork or the primarily bare walls. Stick with a theme as in the photo above, or a color pallet. If an eclectic mix, at least keep the frame and matting similar—or an alternating combination.

Cozy And Comfortable

Maximalist homes are often cozy places you want to snuggle up or relax in for long periods of time. Start with your furniture staples, then layer in cozy accessories—such as throw pillows, throw blankets, and ottomans. Utilize these cozy additions to add color, texture, and patterns.

It’s All About The Accessories

Instead of just one vase or candle on a side table, place a cluster of candles and vases in different shapes and sizes—but in the same color family. Head to thrift stores, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods to really stock up.

Even minimalist homes can embrace the comfort and artistic look and feel of maximalism—just be sure to invest in items you truly enjoy.

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