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Enough With The Car-Free Shaming

Car-Free Shaming No More

While a growing number of global citizens are embracing car-free living, most are facing an unexpected backlash of judgment and shame from friends, family, and colleagues. While less an issue in major cities, frustrating for those in mid and small towns. Enough already!

Not Poor

Owning one or more vehicles is often associated with financial success, but that doesn’t mean that those who choose not to have a car full-time are poor. Either way, their finances are not your business—and odds are they’re socking away more money in the bank than you are.

Not A Hitchhiker

Between public transportation, taxis, Juno, Lyft, Uber, hourly and daily carshares, as needed car rentals—there’s no need to worry that your recently car-free loved one is hitchhiking. And yes, these alternative options are safe.

It’s More Than Environmentally Friendly

If you have yet to watch the Inconvenient Truth, now’s the time. Beyond the environmental impact, it’s an overall health decision—as most will find more opportunities to walk, ride or ride their bike. And, those who live carless or at least become a one-car household often shop locally far more than when they had a car.

It might not be for you but that is no reason to shame those you know whose car-free choice differs from yours.

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