Why You Should Consider Dating Someone You Typically Wouldn’t

Consider Dating Someone Who Is Not Your Type

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to dating and has a clearly defined “type?” If so, here are a few reasons to say yes to going on a date with someone you typically wouldn’t consider.

You Might Be Surprised

We’ve all been there. Someone expresses their interest in you, but they don’t look like someone you would usually say yes to. They are younger, or older. Their career or hobbies are different than yours. Maybe their height, weight, or body type aren’t your norm. But, consider at least one date. They may be a fun and refreshing change of pace.

It Could Be A Healthy Change Of Pace

If your typical relationships don’t fall in the happiest or healthiest category, then it’s definitely time to stop dating the same guy or gal—and say yes to the person who isn’t on your radar.

You Might Finally Find Your Real Type

Never settle for less, but don’t get so caught up in dating who family and friends want to see you with that you forget to consider what you want in a partner.

Certainly, be safe and keep your eyes open for dating red flags, but open yourself up to someone new.

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