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What To Do When Adulting Overwhelms You

When Adulting Overwhelms You

It’s not just you—adulting is hard. Adulting can be downright overwhelming. Here’s what to do the next time you feel burnt out.


I know, it’s unthinkable but just don’t do whatever it is. The problem with adulting is that it often leaves us abandoning our authentic selves. It leaves us doing the “grow up” thing instead of what feels natural. I’m not suggesting being irresponsible or disrespectful but instead consider the alternatives—regardless of what others think. For example, decline the project that will keep you working after-hours and head to the park with your kids instead.


Once you understand that you don’t have to do things just because it is what others expect of you, do what you love instead! Make more time for fun, play, socialization, and even to do nothing.


Life is meant to be lived, not to keep you trapped in a monotonous cycle of responsibilities. Yes, there will be weeks or months that are busier or more stressful than others—but it is your job to live and enjoy your life. Figure out what will make you happy and build your life around that.

If adulting has you overwhelmed, be human. Be you.

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