Looking For Some Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas?

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Whether your relationship is new, or you have been together forever, it is important to take time out from your busy schedule to let your partner know just how much you care. If not on Valentine’s Day—then sometime soon!

  1. Have professional couple’s photos taken, no kids or pets this time around.
  2. Surprise them with a secret weekend getaway, even if it’s a staycay in a nearby hotel.
  3. Try a restaurant or local activity neither of you has experienced yet.
  4. Take a cooking class, mixology class, baking, or any special culinary skill.
  5. Make plans to help them cross something off their Bucket List.
  6. Spend a day in nature: on the water, a stroll in the park, picnic, on the beach, or any outdoor activity you both enjoy.
  7. Cross an item or two off your “Honey-Do” list.
  8. Send them flowers, chocolate, or a fruit or cookie bouquet at work.
  9. Get a couple’s massage.
  10. Create an evening of romance, either the standard candlelit dinner or bath—or something they find romantic.

These are the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas—but they will work year-round too. Since it’s a couple’s holiday, make your reservations ASAP, or celebrate next weekend.

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