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Make Your Veggie Burger Taste Better

Make Your Veggie Burger Taste Better

Whether you are on a cleanse, doing a Meatless Monday, are vegetarian, vegan, or simply enjoy veggie burgers from time to time—you may be looking for ways to make your veggie burger taste better.

Try Different Patties

Not all veggie and vegan patties are created equally, so try a few before you commit to a go-to. Costco has great options, Morningstar mushroom burgers are great, Quorn has some meatless meat patties that are quite impressive, and Beyond Meat has some awesome options too. Or experiment with making your own. And just like a real burger, grilling them provides an entirely different flavor profile.

Upgrade Your Toppings

Even if you enjoy the patty, a burger with a bun is boring. Here are a few toppings to consider:

  • Fresh red onions
  • Sautéed white or yellow onions
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Asparagus, sliced zucchini, or tomatoes
  • Your favorite cheese
  • Some leafy green and/or fresh herbs
  • Pickles
  • Something spicy
  • If you’re not committed to meatless, add bacon
  • Add a fried egg

Test New Condiments

Mayo, mustard, and ketchup are all good—but feel free to expand your options. Head to the condiment aisle in search of some specialty alternatives, or whip up your own burger sauce at home.

With the tips above, you can make your veggie burger taste even better, maybe even good enough for the meat eaters in your family!

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