How To Master Maximalist Fashion

The Beauty Of Maximalist Fashion

If monochrome fashion and the easy to mix and match minimalism fashion trends aren’t quite your style, learn to master maximalist fashion instead.

Statement Pieces

Your maximalist wardrobe will have staples that can be mixed and matched but will be packed full of items you probably won’t wear on a daily or weekly basis. Yes, you may have a versatile navy blazer, but you wear it with a bold printed blouse or a colorful dress shirt. Instead of a go-to daily handbag, you have several to choose from.

It’s All In The Details

From the hardware to the buttons, texture, accessories, contrasting colors, and of course the cut. While neutrals will be part of the mix, choose colors that look good with your skin tone, figure flattering fashions, and items that reflect your signature sense of style.

The Solo Look

Any maximalist wardrobe will have items designed to be worn only with one another. This is a look you won’t be able to repeat often, but it will feel extra special every time you put it on. When you are over the look, explore ways to wear the items with other pieces.

You don’t have to go full-on fast fashion, or completely break the bank to partake in maximalist fashion. Take advantage of discount retailers, clearance racks, clothing swap parties, thrift stores, sample sales, and online discounts. In other words, don’t pay full price.

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