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Is There More Plastic In Your Life Than You Realize?

Is There More Plastic In Your Life Than You Realize?

Whether banned in your local area or a change made by choice, many of us have already made the transition to reusable shopping bags and beverage containers. If not 100% of the time, enough to make a drastic difference. While a major positive change, there may be more plastic in your life than you realize.

Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are super convenient, and downright necessity for drinking thick beverages. As small and inconsequential as they may seem, they make the Top 10 list of plastic items found in the ocean. The good news is you can find recyclable paper straws, biodegradable straws, and reusable straws. Even Queen Elizabeth has banned straws from all royal estates.

Household Cleaning Supplies

Many household cleaning supplies are sold in non-recyclable or at least hard to recycle plastics, but you do have alternatives:

  • Buy in bulk and/or refillable cleaning supplies
  • Explore your options in alternative and recyclable packaging
  • Make your own cleaning supplies

Everyday Items

Disposable razors can be replaced with razors that have detachable blades, light your candles with wooden matches instead of a disposable lighter, bring your own reusable containers for restaurant leftovers, and when disposable plates and cutlery are simply the more convenient option—opt for biodegradable.

To ease your transition, make one of the plastic-free changes above—and once it becomes a habit, move on to another change.

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