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Take Networking To The Next Level

Take Networking To The Next Level

Networking is essential in both your personal and professional life and an excellent way to meet new and like-minded people. Here is how to take things to the next level.

Get Out There

Yes, we live in a constantly connected digital world—but face time is required to make a lasting impression. Attend more local networking activities, community events, and hop on a plane and travel to more industry and interest events.

Keep In Touch

Once you make a contact, exchange contact information and keep in touch. Share articles and videos on your related interest, and if they live locally schedule coffee or lunch. Even commenting on their LinkedIn or social media posts can keep you top of mind. However, you must call, message directly, or make plans from time to time.

Give As Much Or More Than You Receive

You must not forget that networking is a two-way street, so you must not only be looking for others to do for you—but you must have something of benefit to share. This could be time, advice, donated services, referrals, or more. Aim to give as much (or more) than you receive, as long as it is sincere and you don’t feel taken advantage of.

You never know who you know might know—which is why networking is a must.

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