Feeling Inspired To Be The Change You Wish To See In The World?

You Can Create Positive Change

We are in the midst of a tumultuous and stressful time where many are feeling powerless—but the power of one who steps up to the plate can have a positive ripple effect that reaches farther than you could ever imagine. Here are just a few ways you can give back.

Donating Your Time

There is an endless number of ways in which you can give of your time and thanks to the internet, you may even be able to volunteer remotely. For example, if you are a graphic designer you can design marketing materials from afar—and at any time that fits into your schedule. Not everyone is a hands-on volunteer and that is ok, so look for opportunities to volunteer in the office, at fundraising events, or anywhere that you feel comfortable. Also, consider time banking. 

Donating Things

Next time you sort through items that you no longer need, be thoughtful about where they are donated. Donating to places like the Salvation Army helps to fund their local community outreach, but don’t forget to donate to some of the smaller local non-profits who may need anything from office supplies, household items, clothing, and furniture. Also, remember that donating money or things to qualified non-profits may be a tax write off.

Financial Contributions

When it comes to financial contributions many don’t donate because there isn’t much room in their budget. However, every dollar adds up. Even $1 here or there or a recurring $20 or less monthly donation will make a difference.

If we all chipped in in small but meaningful ways we can make a positive difference in our community and our world.

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