Should You Be Friends With Your Coworkers Or Boss On Facebook?

Should You Be Friends With Your Coworkers Or Boss On Facebook

Unless you were friends before you started working together or are truly close friends outside of work—the answer is a resounding no. The reasons are many, and the list of why you should ignore the request is growing. If it helps, set your privacy settings so that no one can see your friend list.

Connect On LinkedIn Instead

Unless your Facebook profile is strictly for professional purposes, connect with them on LinkedIn instead. Why? Around the nation and around the globe, people have lost their jobs over information they have posted on social media. Again, make sure your privacy settings are set to “friends only” so that you can maintain your privacy.

It Can Cause Workplace Conflicts

If you connect with someone on Facebook and for any reason down the road unfriend them, it can lead to conflict. Or, if you accept some colleagues and not others. Or, if your personal posts offend a colleague it can cause problems. In fact, jobs can be lost and HR concerns arise due to social media activity. Worst case scenario, you could lose your job. Again, I stress the privacy settings for Facebook—and a mindful approach to posting on sites that aren’t so private such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Last but not least, be mindful of what your friends and family post to your wall—as it can be problematic as well. And if you are on the hunt for a new job, now is a time to Google yourself and perform a logged-out search of social media to see what comes up.

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