Do You Still Need A Traditional Suit?

Do You Still Need A Traditional Suit?

When looking at your closet and assessing your wardrobe staples you might find yourself asking if you still need a traditional suit. Here’s what to consider.

Where Do You Work?

You might not need a suit daily, but maybe for important presentations or client meetings. If your need is infrequent, invest in a neutral color and several button downs, ties, pocket squares, or blouses for the ladies. For example, you will need one white, one stripped or small print, and one solid color. If you choose your items thoughtfully, no one will know notice that you only have one suit. And of course, your suit must be perfectly tailored.

You At Least Need Dress Slacks Or Semi-Formal Separates

If you never need a suit for work, you will still need semi-formal attire for weddings, funerals, and special events. With carefully selected dress shirts, blouses, sweaters, and blazer-alternatives—you may not need a traditional 2 or 3-piece suit.

What If You Wear A Suit Daily?

If you wear a suit or semi-formal attire daily these tips will help:

  • Consider 3-piece suits that can be worn together or as separates.
  • Buy additional slacks or trousers for suits you are likely to wear often, as your bottoms will wear faster than your blazer—especially if you will be wearing your suit as separates too.
  • Invest in quality slacks, cardigans, sweaters, skirts, and jackets—and spend less on your blouses, dress shirts, ties, pocket squares, shoes, handbags, and other accessories that are likely to cycle faster through your wardrobe.

While you may not have a need for a traditional suit, you still need at least a few semi-formal options in your wardrobe.

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