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Don’t Let Your Labels Limit You

Don't Let Your Labels Limit You

We all have labels that we assign to ourselves or that others assign to us. Sometimes our labels are ones we wear with pride, sometimes they feel limiting. But you don’t have to let your labels limit you.

Labels Can Be Empowering

I remember the first time I heard the term multipotentialite. It was in a TEDTalk video that quickly led me to research more on the topic. It was empowering to finally put a name to what many didn’t understand about me. What I now knew is that I simply had many evolving interests and that I was not alone. This is just one way in which identifying what makes you unique can be empowering.

Your Labels Don’t Have To Be Limiting

Sometimes our friends, family, or employers label us or sort us into boxes—and make assumptions or decisions on our behalf due to the limiting label they have assigned. Even if we agree with the label, we are diverse and can wear many hats. We must be careful though because sometimes we assign ourselves with negative and limiting labels, or we use our label as an excuse not to live our life to the fullest. For example, have you ever found yourself exclaiming that now that you are a parent that a dream, goal or activity is no longer acceptable for a “grown-up”? In some cases, there may be some validity to it, but never let your labels limit your joy.

Next time you hear yourself saying you shouldn’t or couldn’t, take a moment to pause and make sure you aren’t letting yourself be limited by your label.

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