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Juggling Your Kid’s And Your Busy Schedule

Juggling Your Kids And Your Busy Schedule

From a young age kid’s have schedules that are increasingly busy. When you add that to your busy schedule, it may start to feel like you are just rushing from one task to the next. While it is important to keep your commitments, this constant rushing around is stressful for you and your family—and often minimizes the spontaneity that is healthy for both you and your kids. Here are some tips for slowing down, reconnecting and making memories that last a lifetime.

Less Is More

Yes, you want your kids to have every opportunity available to them—so you sign them up for all sorts of extracurricular activities and tons of play dates. However, their non-stop schedule creates an unhealthy habit they are likely to take into adulthood. While there may be some weeks or months that are super busy, pair things down.

Schedule In Free Time

It’s time to start scheduling in more free time, some unplanned some planned. For example, maybe after your son or daughter’s dance class, you head to the park for ice cream. If you have several kids, schedule in a bit of solo time with each child each week. And don’t forget the importance of day trips and activities that take advantage of the weekends.

Get Some Help

As parent’s it’s not easy to ask for help, but if you have a support system who is happy to help—accept their help. Maybe this means asking grandma or grandpa to babysit or help get them to and from their activities. If you don’t have a support system, look for other ways to lighten your load. Sign up for carpools with other kids or hire housecleaner or errand runner a few days a week.

It won’t always be easy but break the monotony and prioritize family time—so that your time together is quality, and not just part of a never-ending to-do list.

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