How To Exercise Like A Minimalist

Exercise Like A Minimalist

Minimalists are all about quality, not quantity, which is a concept you can adopt in your workout routine. It’s a misconception that workouts need to be time-consuming to be effective, but they do need to be challenging. Here’s how to exercise like a minimalist.

Workout During Your Daily Commute

If you live close enough walk, cycle, skateboard, or rollerblade to work. If not every day, a couple of days a week. If you have a dog, start taking them on longer walks or more frequent walks.

Take Up An Active Hobby

What sports did you enjoy in your youth? What type of physical activities have you always wanted to try? Sign up for classes in the sports you used to enjoy or physical activities you have always wanted to try. You’ll find many of these activities to be double duty, as they are also social, creative, or spiritual.

Mini Workouts

Head to YouTube and type in “10-minute” workout or download a fitness app that has mini-workouts. Then, get up 10-minutes early (or more) each morning and start your day with your mini-workout. Also, explore your options in online workout subscriptions that give you the flexibility to workout from home.

When you combine these minimalist tips above, you’ll see and feel the results quickly.

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