The Many Types Of Personal Journals

How Do You Use Your Personal Journals

Personal journaling is on the rise, both handwritten and electronic. There are many types of journals you can keep, well beyond the catch-all diary.

Goal Or Tracking Journal

If you have a personal or professional goal you want to achieve, a journal can be an effective method of tracking your progress and keeping you inspired. This includes food journals, health and fitness journals, personal development, project, professional or educational progress journals.

Travel Journals

If there is one thing I could go back and do all over again, it would be to keep a travel journal of everywhere I’ve gone—even the little road trips. In the moment, you always think you will remember the name of the quirky little diner, the fab hotel, or breathtaking excursion—but you will inevitably forget. Even though we are in a day and age of selfies and snapping photos of everything, your written or typed journal will document the details. Even if it’s as plain and simple as the name of your hotels, restaurants, excursions and tour guides it is a cherished reference.

Gratitude Journal

Not all journals need to be written in paragraph form, such as a daily gratitude journal. A typed or written list of 5 or 10 things you are grateful for each and every day will do. An excellent way to start or end your day, or lift your spirits when things are down.

These certainly aren’t the only types of personal journals you can keep. Use the ideas above as inspiration for your own journaling.

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