Should You Google Your Date?

Should You Google Your Date

It’s so hard not to, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s easy to convince ourselves that due to safety, or to weed out someone who isn’t a good fit—that it’s ok. Here are just a few reasons why you should think twice before you Google your date.

Results Are Easy To Misinterpret

We all have friends, who on social media seem to be living a life that looks nothing like their own—that’s because social media is not the full snapshot. Same goes for your potential date.

Or, if you stumble across photographs of your date with their ex, it’s difficult not to jump to conclusions. For example, you might convince yourself that since you look nothing like their ex that you are not their type. You may show up to your date feeling insecure.

Or, the series of wild photos you see may be an uncharacteristic one off at their BFFs bachelor/bachelorette party.

You’re Likely To Be Caught

I remember going on a date where it was clear that I’d been deeply Googled. My date didn’t even try to hide it and used all he had learned as talking points or things we had in common. It was creepy and uncomfortable. Even if you aren’t as obvious, it is likely that you will slip up—or at least ask a few questions that you wouldn’t have asked if you hadn’t Googled them first.

Yes, if you are going out with someone you have no mutual connections with—Googling your date may make you feel more comfortable. Instead, plan a casual daytime coffee date and make sure a friend knows where you are. Give your the respect of getting to know you in person and wait to Google your date until things get a bit more serious

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