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Don’t Let A Cold Sore Keep You Down

Stress And Cold Sores

It’s not something most of us like to talk about, but the fact of the matter is 90 percent of all adults get at least one cold sore in their life. I get them when I am stressed to the max, but you don’t have to let a cold sore keep you down.

Be Proactive

Managing stress is the first step in the right direction, but we are human and stress will arise. Taking a daily L-lysine supplement or eating a diet rich in foods with L-lysine (ADD) can minimize your outbreaks and shorten the frequency. Also, keep your preferred method of treatment on hand—maybe even in your purse or laptop bag.

Explore All Of Your Treatment Options

There are some truly amazing over-the-counter and prescription options, that greatly reduce the severity and length of the outbreak. At the top of the list are Abreva, Carmex cold sore treatment, anti-viral patches, and prescription Valtrex. Use these at the first sign or tingle, and your cold sore may not ever be visible to anyone other than you.

Last but not least, identify the source of your cold sore. It is often stress, or as Louise Hay suggests in her book Heal Your Body A-Z—you may have words left unspoken.

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