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Why You Should Go Tech-Free One Day A Week

Could You Go Tech-Free One Day A Week?

It’s a trend many are trying to fit into their week, one full day of being entirely technology-free—or at least unplugging at a set time each day. Here are a few reasons why going tech-free can improve the quality of your life.

A Chance To Truly Connect

Disconnecting provides you with a chance to truly connect and be present. This includes connecting with friends and family, with nature, or taking much-needed time for yourself.

Create More Time

After you get past the discomfort (and maybe even anxiety) of grabbing your phone and realizing it’s turned off, or at home—you can reinvest the time you spend aimlessly connected, into getting something crossed off your to-do list. When I unplug for a full day, I often feel like I’ve had at least two full days off.

Retrain Your Brain

One of the downsides of being constantly connected is that our brains are creating shorter pathways. These shorter pathways are the brain’s response to instant information. Information we don’t have to take the time to research, learn, or absorb. Not only is this damaging from an attention-span, but also when it comes to retaining information.

It might sound impossible to go tech-free, but it will be easier than you imagine.

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