DIY Genealogy: Where Do You Begin?

Family Historian And DIY Genealogy

TV shows like Who Do You Think You Are? and Finding Your Roots have inspired many everyday individuals to take on the role of family historian and to start researching their ancestry. As you will quickly find, DIY Genealogy is quite an undertaking. Where should you begin?

Set Specific Goals

Once you have decided to jump all-in you will need to clearly identify your goals. Do you want to create a family tree? Detailed family biographies? Find out what region of the world you originate from?  Or all of the above?

Where To Start On The Family Tree

If there is not already a family tree in place, start from your generation and work up until you run out of information. Now you know who and where to start your research. If you already have a family tree, but it hasn’t been updated for a few generations. Start filling in the gaps. Then, start researching interesting family members.

Stay Organized

As you check ancestral databases you will take a lot of notes and will have a lot of documents. Either keep things organized in a physical binder or utilize an online system. One of the many benefits of an online system is that you can share your family tree.

Last but not least, make sure you put a system in place for keeping your family tree and family biographies up-to-date.

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