How To Make White Home Décor Work

How To Make White Home Decor Work

Whether in movies, on TV or in real life—there is something about white home décor that is modern and cool. Here’s how to make white work in your home.

Be Realistic

If you have young kids and pets that shed or are allowed to sleep on your furniture, white may not be the way to go—or you at least need to be strategic and realistic. For example, white throw pillows instead of a white couch. Maybe a white bedroom for the adults in the family, but not the kids.

Texture Is A Must

White on smooth white is boring and can look inexpensive. Even if you are decorating on a budget, you don’t want that. Add texture with linen, velvet, sequins, faux, leather, fir, wood grain, and more. Between your pillow, throw blankets, vases, frames, wall paint or covering, and artwork you can easily add texture. For example, a leather couch, linen side chair, and mixed material throw pillows.

Pops Of Color Are Fun

You could do shades or white and cream, or white with lots of pops of color. Keep the pops of color to one primary color or shade, like white with aqua blues—or with a small handful of colors, such as purple and maroon. If not a pop of color, grey, and silver always works with white—and black and white is always in style.

Last but not least, don’t forget to add a touch of nature to every room. Dried white hydrangeas are perfect, green houseplants and fresh flowers go with everything!

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