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How To Minimize Stretch Marks

Minimize Stretch Marks

Almost everyone will have a few stretch marks at some point in their life, some as young as in their teenage years. Athletes get them from overuse, stretching and muscle mass. Gravity can create stretch marks on breasts. Weight gain and pregnancy can cause stretch marks on the tummy, hips, and thighs. Even thin individuals usually have at least a few. Here’s how to minimize your stretch marks.

Be Proactive

Get into the habit of using a daily body lotion that includes ingredients that help to fade or minimize stretch marks. This includes snail mucus, cocoa butter, aloe and coconut oil.

Be Reactive

As soon as you notice a few stretch marks, use a daily body lotion as mentioned above—but also apply topical treatments. Look for products designed to fade stretch marks or use castor oil. If you notice a recent stretchmark caused by sports or exercise (especially if it is inflamed or has light scabbing) refrain from the stretch or activity that caused it until it heals.


We must not forget that our skin is our largest organ. Keep your skin healthy and reduce the likelihood and severity of stretch marks by drinking no less than 64 ounces of water or herbal tea each day.

Last but not least, although your stretch marks may be blaring to you—remember they are barely noticeable to others.

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