It’s Time To Spring Clean!

Spring Clean Your Home

With spring comes longer days with more sunshine. Spring is a time for new beginnings, and often a good time to deep clean your home. Here’s how to spring clean in an organized method.

Shoes, Accessories, And Clothing

As you start pulling your spring and summer clothing out of your storage bins or moving them front and center in your closet, take a moment to review every article of clothing and accessory. If you have items you didn’t wear all fall or winter, things that are faded, dated, or out of style—donate them. Also, take your winter jackets, sweaters, and other items in for dry cleaning so that they will be clean and ready to wear next fall and winter.

Organizing The Clutter

Next up on the list go through each room one by one and start organizing and clearing the clutter. Put things back in their place, back in seasonal storage, or in bins to donate, sell, upcycle, or recycle. If needed invest in additional home organization tools—but remember the goal is to downsize.

Deep Cleaning

Now is the perfect time to clean the cupboard shelves, underneath furniture and appliances, in the corners of your closet, window treatments, windows, and even the walls and ceilings. Invest in the cleaning tools that will make the job easier, such as a ceiling/wall dust mop and rent or purchase a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner. If you aren’t game to deep clean yourself, hire a cleaning crew for your spring cleaning.

Last but not least, invest in a few spring home accessories—and don’ forget that your yard and garden will need a spring clean and prep too!

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