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Let Your Label Set You Free!

Let Your Label Set You Free

The labels others assign to us, the boxes people try to stuff us in, the categories we are sorted into—they can be limiting. They can leave us feeling trapped, underestimated, and misunderstood. Find a label that you are comfortable with, ignore the noise—and let your label set you free!

Some Labels We Embrace

For me, it was learning what a multipotentialite was. Understanding that I wasn’t the only one who had multiple interests and that unlike how others wanted to label me—I wasn’t irresponsible or non-committal to my career. Find labels that you are happy to embrace, and never forget that you don’t have to pick just one—you can flow between many.

Be Authentic

As challenging as it may be not always fitting in, your life will always be happier and more fulfilling if you are authentic. Live your life by your own standards for success, fulfillment, and happiness. Be true to you and you will always be happy and opportunities will flow naturally.

Be Willing To Swap Labels

Some labels we will wear for life while others will come and go. If you ever feel as if your self-assigned label is limiting you, then try on something new until it feels right again.

Or, be you—no label necessary!

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