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Are You Going Against The Flow In Life?

Are You Going Against The Flow Of Life?

Life is not meant to be a constant state of stress and struggle. If life, work, or relationships have started to feel like a non-stop uphill battle you may be the problem.

Sometimes Your Plans Are The Problem

We are taught from a young age to goal set and plan. Why? Because without a plan we may drift aimlessly through life. However, if you get so set on forcing your plan for life, or the plan you wish for others to fulfill (like your children)—then you may end up so focused on a plan that “fits in” that you don’t plan for what feels right for you, or you discourage what is right for others.

The Flow Is Easy

Yes, we will all experience occasional ups and downs, but if life feels like a constant struggle than you are going against the natural flow of life. Life is designed to be fulfilling. You may not be able to see them at the moment, but doors are constantly showing themselves to you—but you may be so focused on “fixing” your struggle and getting back to your plan that you can’t see them.

If you currently feel trapped in a negative cycle, in any area of your life—it’s time to take a pause. Stop forcing what you want or what you think is best, and just allow things to fall into place naturally. Everyone will be happier, including you!

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