Why You Must Stop Surrounding Yourself With People Who Are Just Like You

Why Your Social Circle Shouldn't Only Have People Who Are Just Like You

Take a look at your three closest friends, or the three people you hang out with most often. If they are just like you in almost every way, then it’s time to take a closer look. It’s time to stop surrounding yourself with people who are just like you.

The Mistake We Are Taught From A Young Age

As children, we are taught that we are who we hang out with. The goal of this is most often to discourage children from making friends with troublemakers. However, there are several problems with this philosophy. For starts, children, teenagers, and young adults are testing their boundaries and trying many different personas and approaches on for size. Who they are today is not who they are for life. And remember, kids you judge harshly grow into adults who remember your judgment.

In addition, if you constantly surround yourself with people who are just like you—your world becomes unintentionally small. Even if you consider yourself to be openminded, you are likely to start judging those who are not like you because you lose exposure to anything else.

Unsorting Your Life

The fact of the matter is, we have common ground with absolutely everyone. So, when you meet someone new in a yoga class or book club—and you like their personality, focus on what you have in common. Don’t focus on their sense of style, their marital status, their career, politics, religion, ethnicity, or culture but on the things in which you naturally click.

You Won’t Always Fit In

When you unintentionally sort yourself into a social circle where everyone is just like you, you will feel more pressure and shame regarding beliefs and interests that aren’t like everyone else in the group. Choose authenticity instead.

One of the many great things about having friends with multiple interests and differences is that you will have friends who “get” you in every area of your life. They will also open your mind and expose you to new things—which is essential for ongoing growth.

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