How To Stay In Love

How To Stay In Love

There is no magic formula, and as deeply in love, as you are today or once were—love won’t always last forever. However, there are a few things you can do to create the foundation required for you to stay in stay in love.

Find Balance

At the beginning of a relationship, there isn’t always a lot of balance. This is completely understandable, you are in love and you want to spend all of your time together. However, at some point, you must find time for your family, friends, and hobbies. If not, you will lose some of yourself along the way which can lead to resentment. I know it’s hard, but a bit of absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Just because you are in love and in a relationship does not mean that you need to see eye to eye on everything. When a difference of opinion arises, you can disagree without being disrespectful or argumentative. And when you do argue, which every healthy couple does, be slow to assign blame because most things take two. If your partner is at fault, you may be at fault the next time around and would appreciate the same compassion. This will not be perfect but try.

Show Your Love

Think back to the little things you did at the beginning of your relationship to show your affection. In most cases, those slow down or fade. This is normal, but make sure continue to do things that let your partner know that you are thinking of them when you aren’t together—but especially when you are together. The longer you are dating or married the more the little things will stand out.

You won’t always stay in love with everyone you fall in love with, and sometimes love is not enough—but these tips will help you set a solid foundation.

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