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Go Green Without Deprivation

Go Green Without Deprivation

Do you hesitate from greening your life out of concern that you will have to give up the things you love most? Here are a few ways to go green without deprivation.

Do What You Do In A Greener Way

Start looking at the everyday things you do and find ways to do them in a greener or more environmentally conscious way. This could be everything from learning how to check the air pressure on your tires to improve fuel efficiency, to buying your favorite products in bulk which wastes less packaging.

Embrace The Secondhand

For the longest time, I hesitated to jump on the secondhand bandwagon. Then I made a friend who was one of the best dressed and most stylish people I knew, and she was a diehard thrift store, estate sale, and garage sale shopper. She showed me the ropes for how to find the best clothing and home décor secondhand. If secondhand shopping isn’t for you no worries, be the one to donate or sell your items to those who love to upcycle.

Improve Your Quality

Even 10 years ago the green alternatives for household cleaning supplies, skincare products, makeup, cat litter, feminine hygiene, and reusable items were hit and miss—but not today. Yes, you may have to invest a bit more up front, but the improved quality is worth every penny.

Going green doesn’t have to be restrictive and it can be fun finding a healthier alternative!

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