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Breaking Free Of Socially Acceptable Lies

Breaking Free Of Socially Acceptable Lies

While it’s neither kind or wise to go through life sharing the intimate details of your life with everyone or being brutally honest—we must strike that fine balance between authenticity and socially acceptable lies.

Be Selective About Who You Are Vulnerable With

We’ve all been there. Hearing from a dear friend who we have seen and engaged with several times over the past few weeks or months, who has been keeping a life crisis secret. As hurt as we may be that they didn’t reach out sooner, we must not take their privacy personally. Those we share our vulnerabilities with must earn our trust, and as a friend, we must earn the right to be their confidant.

Test The Waters

Sometimes we don’t share with those we are close to for a variety of reasons. We aren’t ready to talk about it, we are still trying to figure out what to do, or we keep it to ourselves out of fear of judgment or gossip, or the well-intentioned but intrusive desire to help us “fix” our situation. Sometimes we just need someone who can listen. Test the waters and share a bit, or something a bit less sensitive in nature.

You Only Need One Good Friend

Real life isn’t like the movies. While it sounds great to have a tribe of friends, you only need one or two. If you have that you are lucky if you have more you are truly blessed. Regardless, surround yourself with others you can be yourself with. Those who love and appreciate you despite your flaws.

There are some lies that are considered socially acceptable, if only for the fact that we deserve our right to privacy.

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