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Spring Cleaning—The Perfect Time To Embrace Minimalism!

Spring Is The Perfect Time To Embrace Minimalism

If you’ve been considering embracing minimalism but have yet to take the leap—spring is a perfect time. Since you are already inspired to deep clean, take the opportunity to deep purge.

Start Small

Many minimalisms adopt their new lifestyle slowly over a few big purges. For most, it’s just too drastic to go all in at once. Not just that, but if you purge too much you may find yourself heading back to the store to repurchase the things donated. So, start small. That isn’t to say that you can’t majorly downsize, but don’t purge to the level that you will feel deprived.

Get Organized

One of the fun things about minimalism is that it encourages you to be thoughtful and therefore organized and intentional in every area of your life. This will inspire even the organizationally challenged to get organized. With less stuff that will be easier.

How To Know What Stays And What Goes?

It’s a common question when downsizing to embrace minimalism, or simply to clear the clutter. There is no one hard and fast rule but consider factors such as:

  • Does this item have sentimental meaning?
  • Does this item bring you joy?
  • Did you forget you even had this item?
  • Has it been more than a year since you have used this item?

Another thought is to do a major purge and set your “not sure” items in boxes in the garage for a few months to see if you will really miss them. Reintroduce the items you miss back into your home and donate or sell the rest.

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