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How To Be Grateful When You’re Not

How To Be Grateful When You're Not

Last week I had a day where literally everything that could go wrong went wrong. The day ended with a 30-minute wait for an Uber, the first driver canceled after 10 minutes, I had to cancel the second driver because they must not have seen they had a fare, and the third driver was convinced I’d typed my address in wrong and tried to take me to another part of town. I found myself struggling to be grateful for anything on this day of everything going wrong.

Consider The Alternatives

Not to be negative, but it could always be worse. During my above debacle, I had to consider factors such as that it would be a long walk to my Airbnb, and that cabs cost at least twice a much as Uber.

Consider The Intention

While someone’s behavior, comments or opinion may feel intrusive or uncomfortable—consider their intention. At the very least, understand that with their life experience it is the best they can do. If truly offensive or dangerous, remove yourself from the situation.

Consider What You Don’t Know

We must not lose sight of the fact that the thoughts swirling around in our head is not the full story. While we may never know the full story, we must at least appreciate that there is always more to know, or the seeming wrongdoings are the universe trying to get us where we need to be.

Last but not least, take deep calming breaths—and find the little things in the situation, or in your life that you enjoy. Sometimes you need to settle with being grateful for the opportunity to learn and that you won’t let it happen again next time.

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