Need Some Fun New Date Ideas?

Fun New Date Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with going out to eat, heading to the movies, or having an at-home movie night—but it’s good to shake things up a bit. Here are some fun new date ideas to consider.

  1. Take a local food tour. You will likely hit up at least a few places you haven’t been to and will learn some fun facts about your local area.
  2. Be a local tourist and head to a local attraction. Bonus points if there is a special event that will make it even more memorable.
  3. Take a bike ride. Bike rides don’t have to be just for exercise and are an excellent way to get out in the fresh air and explore.
  4. Rent the honeymoons suite for a night or two either in your hometown or in a nearby town. Order room service and movies, schedule a massage or spa service and indulge for a day or two.
  5. Go on a mystery dinner date, which you can host for your friends at your house—or go to a party with a group of people. It’s surprisingly fun and interactive, even for those who weren’t all that into it, to begin with.

The dates you go on give you the opportunity to spend quality time together, but also to do and try new things—which will help you build shared experiences and memories. The dates are fun-assured!

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