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Minimalism Design Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Minimalism Design Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Whether you have already embraced minimalism or are getting ready to take the plunge, you may be worried about how sparse and sterile your home may look once you’ve made the transition. But minimalism design doesn’t have to be boring!

Your Design May Not Need To Change At All

If you will be living in the same home you are now, it is unlikely that your design elements will change much. Focus more on eliminating the clutter and stuff, but your furniture, art, and home décor don’t have to go. If you are downsizing at the same time you adopt minimalism, keep items you love that fit in your new space. Don’t deprive yourself just prioritize function, organization, and things with meaning.

Keep Your Mementos

Another common misconception of minimalism is that you have to get rid of the things you love, like mementos or collections—but you don’t. While the goal is to downsize it is also to be thoughtful and responsible (financially, socially, environmentally). So, keep the things that have meaning to you and be more intentional with your future purchases.

Texture, Color, And Style

Last but not least, minimalism design does not have to be monochrome or void of style. Contemporary in nature but turn to color and texture to express your personal design style.

Have fun with your design choices and don’t hesitate from investing in quality home furnishing and décor you will keep for the long-haul.

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