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Would You Travel For Food?

Food Tourism--Would You Travel For Food?

With the popularity of Food Network and the many famous cooking shows that highlight both nationwide and global restaurants and chefs—comes the rise of food tourism. Would you travel for food?

Part Of The Culture

Food is one of the things that makes every region unique, even when speaking of stateside travel. This might be somewhat broad such as seafood in the Pacific Northwest or common southern dishes, but can be quite regional—such as Cincinnati Chili, Chicago-style pizza, New York Style pizza, or beignets in New Orleans.

Chef Specialty

Just like we all have our favorite restaurants at home, there are some chefs whose art for cooking or baking are worth traveling to. Just make sure you plan ahead because popular chefs often have long waitlists for reservations.

More Than Food

It doesn’t matter where you fly or drive to dine, there is always more to see and do than just eat. In between your meals, check out the local tourist attractions and excursions—and leave a bit of time to wander around.

Next time you are trying to pick a vacation destination factor in the food too!

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