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How To Spot A Master Manipulator

How To Spot A Master Manipulator

Some manipulators are blaring, they stand out like a sore thumb and they manipulate and bully almost everyone they encounter. However, there are master manipulators who initially seem sincere—but have a way of exploiting your weaknesses. Here’s how to spot or confirm that you are being manipulated.

Do You Allow Behavior You Typically Would Not?

Do you have someone in your life who you allow to treat you in a manner you would find unacceptable from anyone else? Or someone you respond to in a manner that is vastly different from most others, and in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable? This excludes the higher level of respect that you may give to your landlord, employer or elder—but behavior that makes you feel in some way compromised. This person may be successfully manipulating you.

Do They Exploit Your Weakness?

A person who shames you threatens to publicly shame you, or is constantly pushing your hot buttons is a bully and a manipulator. They can be really good at holding things over your head in a manner that appears as if they are helping or protecting you, but they are not. Manipulators are selfish and rarely think of anyone but themselves.

There are fundamental human rights we all deserve: to be happy and healthy, to be treated with respect, to set our own priorities, to say “no” without feeling guilty, to express your feelings and opinions, to have different feelings and opinions, and to set your own boundaries. Master manipulators will attempt to block your fundamental rights. The sooner you recognize their behavior you can eliminate them from your life or set boundaries.

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