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Surprising Causes Of Back Pain

Surprising Causes Of Back Pain

We all have back pain from time to time, but your chronic pain may be caused by a source you may not think twice about. With just a quick change or two, you can drastically minimize your back and neck pain.

  1. The more you read the better but looking down at your book or eReader can cause back and neck strain. At the very least hold your book up to eye level.
  2. Your smartphone, notebook, and laptop. Unlike desktop computers these devices are not ergonomic, keeping your head down for hours a day.
  3. Tight muscles and fascia. The muscles and connective tissue in our body are interlinked. If you are experiencing back pain don’t just stretch your back, but also your calves, hamstrings, inner thigh, and the sides of your body.
  4. Stress causes tension throughout your body, and according to Louise Hay can be a sign that you need to resolve an emotional issue.
  5. Lack of support. Sitting or standing all day can cause back pain, but these lessen if you are sitting in an ergonomic chair or wearing comfortable shoes. Even consider investing in a new mattress or couch.

Consider making a few small changes and see if your back pain lessens or is resolved.

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