Are You A Good Listener?

Are You A Good Listener?

Ask almost anyone and they will tell you that yes, they are a good listener. But are you? We all know how amazing it feels when you have genuinely been heard. The tips below will help you to become that person for your friends and loved ones, and can even help with your coworkers.

Advice Is Not Necessary

A common misconception is that good listeners give good advice, but in reality—they listen without interruption and ask thoughtful questions. The questions must be non-judgmental and not intended to guide your friend in the direction you think they should go. It’s not about you. However, questions aren’t always necessary. Sometimes we need to vent.

They Check Back In

A good listener is someone who reaches out in a day or two, or week or two to see how things are going. This makes their friend or loved one know they really were listening.

They Understand That They Don’t Need To Agree

Good listeners, and good friends, are individuals who support you being your authentic you. They support that you are an individual and that you may have different feelings and viewpoints. They don’t have to agree with your feelings or decisions but accept you just the same, even when you make a mistake.

Another way to tell if you are a good listener is to ask one of your friends!

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