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Why Support Your Local Farm To Table Restaurants?

Why Support Your Local Farm To Table Restaurants

As you look for more ways to green your life you may find yourself concerned more about where your food comes from. This may be why you have signed up for a farm share and are purchasing more of your veggies, meat, baked goods and food products from farmers markets and local artisans. So where do farm to table restaurants fit into the mix?

They Buy Local

First and foremost, there are no certification or set-in-stone criteria for farm to table. So, if you really want to know why they consider themselves farm to table or farm to fork—you must ask. In most cases, it is because:

  • They purchase a set percentage of all meat, seafood, and produce from local farmers. This ensures that they understand the quality of food they are purchasing.
  • They have their own farm from which they grow some of their produce, maybe even chickens or goats.
  • They support their local artisans by purchasing high-quality grocery store alternatives—think pickles, condiments, bread, baked goods, specialty sauces, etc.
  • They make almost everything from scratch.

The Menu Fluctuates

A true farm to table restaurant will have a menu that is in constant flux. There is no way for them to keep more than a handful of items on the menu year-round, as they adjust with the seasonal farm-fresh food. However, they are likely to have at least a few year-round menu selections, which depending on the season may not always be farm-fresh.

It is rare that you will find a 100% farm to table restaurant, but many aim for well over 70%.

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