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Why It’s Ok To Take A Day (Or More) Off Your Diet

It's Ok To Take A Day Off Your Diet

If you have finally found a well-balanced and fulfilling diet that helps you maintain your weight and balance your health goals, then you don’t want to get off track. However, taking a day off or treating yourself is ok. Here are a few good reasons to take a day off your diet.

Special Occasions

Your birthday, a wedding, holiday feast, anniversary, and other special occasions are the perfect reason to ditch your diet for the day—or for one of your three meals. At the very least, enjoy a guilt-free appetizer or dessert. And don’t beat yourself up as it’s nearly impossible to gain a pound in a day.


One of the things that makes travel fun is the ability to try the authentic local cuisine. If you must, stick to your diet one or two meals a day—but allow yourself to enjoy the local fare the remainder of the day. Maybe even take a local food tour.

Just Because

I know there is a fine balance between treating yourself on occasion and getting off track. However, what you can’t eat shouldn’t be the primary focus of your daily diet. Food is meant to be enjoyed so stick with your diet somewhere in the 90% range. Celebrate the 90% of healthy choices you make, and take the time to savor the 10% of off-diet choices.

Last but not least, make sure that you find a large selection of diet-friendly foods that taste amazing. Otherwise, you will feel like you are deprived and will be less likely to succeed.

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