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Is There An Energy Vampire In Your Life?

Is There An Energy Vampire In Your Life?

It’s something that can happen to absolutely anyone, accidentally allowing an energy vampire into your life. You can’t tell who they are by looking at them, but instead by how they make you feel.

You Need A Nap

I used to have a client whose conference calls I would schedule first thing in the morning. My intention was to get them out of the way and get on with my day, but they were so draining that at 10 am after a one-hour phone call I would feel like I needed a nap. If you have friends, colleagues, or clients who make you feel the same they are energy vampires.

They Bring You Down And Keep You Down

Do you have someone in your life who is so negative that every time the two of you talk they bring you down? This is not referring to someone who is genuinely going through a rough patch, but someone who always sees the worst-case scenario—even when something positive occurs in your life or theirs. This is someone who always rains on your parade as their way of keeping you down.

They Insult You In Subtle Ways

Some offensive things are blatant, some are accidental, and some are so subtle that you might find yourself questioning if it was really an insult. For example, “I read once the adults who were obese as children have wider hips as adults. We’re you obese as a child?”

Once you identify an energy vampire you can remove them from your life or minimize contact.

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