Fun First Date Ideas

Fun First Date Ideas

The traditional first date dinner can be a bit nerve-wracking and just isn’t all that original. Try one of these fun first date ideas instead!

Take A Coffee Walk

Meeting for coffee or a cocktail has become a standard dinner date alternative, but there is still the pressure of sitting across from someone you don’t know well yet. So, how about head to a coffee shop in a central area of town, then stroll through the city or a nearby park instead.

A Local Event

If there is a local event going on in town consider heading there for your date. This might be an art walk, cultural festival, local fair or festival, sporting event, or anything else going on around town. Also consider local tourist attractions, even the zoo. Avoid places where you won’t be able to talk much, such as a concert.

Take A Fun Class

A couple’s cooking class or a guided paint-by-numbers course is a fun way to get to know one another—no preexisting skills required.

A Double Dinner Date

A double dinner date is another great way to remove a bit of the pressure of your first date. Just make sure pick the right couple. Someone who is fun but chill and low pressure.

Not only are these fun first date ideas, but also great ideas for couples looking for something to break the monotony.

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