Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy

Permission To Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy so why is it so hard to be happy? Many of us have grown so use to overcoming the next struggle that we subconsciously don’t believe we deserve to be happy—so you must give yourself permission to be happy. Doesn’t sound like you? Think again.

We Are Trained That Hard Is Good

The harder you work at things the more committed you are right? This is something that we are taught from an increasingly young age. The problem with this is it creates a mindset that once we accomplish something that makes us happy that we rarely take the time to be happy—and instead move on to the next challenge.

Happy Is Weak

Have you ever met a cynical person who believes that optimistic people or people who always seem to be happy are weak? Or unrealistic? Juvenile even? Someone who can’t be taken seriously? Some of us focus so much on the seriousness of things and all the what-ifs that we rarely achieve happiness.

Another challenge is being happy when those nearest to you are going through a challenging time, but even then you deserve to be happy. Even with the cynics, pessimists, and loved ones who are stuck in a rut your happiness can be contagious!

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