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Has Your Comfort Zone Become Your Prison?

Comfort Zone Your Prison

Having a comfort zone is good right? While it is important to achieve balance and security there is a flip side to the comfort you create. Although well-intentioned your comfort zone can become your prison. Here’s how to tell if yours has.

Your Surpassing Growth

You worked hard to get where you are and now that you are there you want to stay there, but for how long? Although things are good for now, if you focus so much on maintaining what you have you pass up valuable growth opportunities which could be even better!

You Become Fearful Of Change

You may have once loved your current comfort zone, but at some point, you outgrow it and long for more. However, you may stay out of fear of change and the comfort of familiarity. This is often why we stay in jobs, romantic relationships, platonic relationships, and stuck with habits and hobbies which are no longer healthy or fulfilling—or which we are no longer passionate about.

You Forget How Much Is Out Of Your Control

The fact of the matter is, everything in your life can change in an instant. Clinging on too tightly may give you a sense of control, but it is a false sense of security.

Instead, work to achieve goals that provide comfort but keep your mind open to new possibilities—and go with the flow of life.

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