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A Healthy Kind Of Selfishness

A Healthy Kind Of Selfishness

We almost always speak of being selfish as a negative, as behavior that is inconsiderate. But who is to decide what is inconsiderate? When we get so caught up in the “role” that we are supposed to play as a mom, dad, husband, wife, child, professional, etc. we sometimes lose sight of what is best for us—and put everyone else’s needs and desires before ours. Here’s to embracing a healthy kind of selfishness!

You Will Be Happier

Are you currently happy? If you aren’t currently happy it’s likely because you aren’t investing enough time in you. The good news is that it only takes a few hours a week to boost your level of happiness. Schedule in more time for the things you love, and you will feel the shift almost immediately.

You Will Be Healthier

The happier you are the healthier you are. Happiness and joy release feel-good hormones in your body that boost your mood, immunity, reduce inflammation, help you sleep better, reduce pain, and more!

Your Relationships Will Improve

Even if it’s an adjustment to first realize that you may be a little less available, your me time will improve the quality of the time you spend with others. It will reduce your resentment and balance your life to help increase productivity. It also sets an excellent example for others to maintain balance.

There is a healthy kind of selfishness that prioritizes your need to relax, create, and be joyful. More of that for everyone, please!

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