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Not Sure Of What To Do Next?

Not Sure What To Do Next?

There are many times in life that we feel lost and not sure of what to do next. We lose our job, don’t get accepted to the university or master’s program our heart was set on, a relationship comes to an end, or something we’ve been planning forever falls through. Here’s what to do.

Don’t Be Hasty

Now is not the time to make any fast or major decisions. Take your time and try to go with the flow while things naturally sort themselves out. If it’s a situation that requires a major and immediate change, such as finding a new home after a breakup or divorce—balance meeting your needs with taking your time. For example, you could rent a local Airbnb or month-to-month furnished apartment while you figure out what is next.

Make Some Worry-Free Time

It might sound impossible since all you can do is think about what needs to be done but schedule some time to get outside of your head. This could include anything from a weekend getaway to a day binge-watching your favorite shows or an afternoon with a friend or loved one who will help you focus on something else. Also, consider spending some time doing a creative passion. This time will help you to clear your mind and gain a fresh perspective.

As discouraged as you may be at the moment try to remember that there is something better than you had initially planned on the way.

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