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How To Be Open To Uncertainty

Open To Uncertainty

Does a lack of what’s to come next make you anxious? While there is comfort in certainty, uncertainty is something we should embrace. Here’s how to be open to uncertainty instead of closed to it.

See The Beauty In Uncertainty

As much as your heart might be set on a particular outcome, uncertainty has a ‘sky’s the limit’ potential. While we may not notice until it’s too late, sometimes we get so focused on our master plan that we miss the even better opportunities that arise along the way. So, the next time plans fall through embrace your uncertainty.

Recapture A Childlike Sense Of Excitement

If you have kids or young family members pay attention to how they are open to anything that comes their way. They often see the positive in everything because that is naturally what they look for. Somewhere along the way, this gets drilled out of most of us to a point that all we can think of is what might go wrong. Try to recapture your childlike sense of excitement of the unknown.

Go With The Flow

Life is not meant to be a struggle so if you are struggling it’s likely because you are going against the natural flow of things. Let go and accept things as they already are, and the better opportunity will present its self. In fact, it may already be there!

It’s the opposite of everything everyone tells us, but you can be open to uncertainty!

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