Make The Most Of Your Day Off

Have The Day Off?

Does it feel like your days off fly by in an instant? Like as soon as it starts it comes to an end? Whether you have two days off in a row, your two days off a week are split, or you only have one day off a week—you can make it feel like more. Here’s how.

Squeeze Your Errands In During The Week

Instead of packing all of your errands in on your day off, spread them out strategically during the week—or at least as many as you can. That way your day off won’t feel so much like work. If it’s in your budget hire an errand runner or someone to help lighten your load.

Unplug For At Least Part Of The Day

Your day off may be time to catch up with friends and family so it may not be realistic to unplug completely. Turn your phone off for half the day if you can, even better if all day long. At the very least, no checking your work email.

Plan Something To Look Forward To

As great as it may sound to waste the day away do something a bit more specific. Even if the plan is to spend a few hours reading, relaxing in a café, in a yoga or meditation class, or to enjoy a spa treatment—it’s a meaningful plan. Don’t pack your day off too full, but don’t forget to spend some fun time with friends, family, or participating in things you enjoy. If you need to hire a babysitter!

Make the most of your day off by remembering that life is meant to be lived—not to be stuck in a constant rut.

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