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Put It In Writing

Put It In Writing

We live in a day and age where much of our communication is electronic. For many of us, it is rare to put pen to paper. Here are just a few good reasons to put things in writing.

It Feels Good

Writing is a nice change of pace. No matter what you are communicating it feels more expressive when written. No, you won’t have spell check to rely on but the challenge to be thoughtful and get it right the first time is healthy. Even if you make a mistake it can add character to what you are writing.

Writing Is More Personal

When you send a handwritten letter to someone it feels special. Even when you add a few sentences or paragraphs to a card it is more meaningful to the recipient. In a world of text messages and broken sentences, this is more important than ever.

It Gets It Out

Your written words can be just for you. Your written or online journal can be used for personal journaling. It can be a healthy way to get things out even if no one else ever reads it but you. Writing is also perfect for a gratitude journal, professional journal, goal setting journal, and more.

If it’s been a while since you have put pen together for little more than a to-do list it’s time to get writing!

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