Last Minute Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is when we give thanks to those who have died serving our country. It is the perfect day to visit graves or memorials of those who’ve served and also to pay thanks to our veterans and active soldiers. It is also a time to celebrate and reflect upon our freedom and independence. It’s also a much needed 3 day weekend! Here is a few last minute Memorial Day Weekend ideas.

Head Outside

In most areas of the country, the weather is warm enough to head outdoors for the day or the entire weekend. This might include camping, fishing, barbequing, hiking, outdoor sports, a picnic, swimming, boating, and more.

Take A Last Minute Trip

Since you have 3 days off why not take the opportunity to get away? Now is the perfect time to visit friends and family, take a quick road trip or hop on a plane and visit somewhere new. Cross somewhere off your Bucket List or take advantage of last minute low airfare.

Rest And Relax

If you are more in the headspace of R&R then do that—but don’t just be a lazy bum, be mindful. Take a class in yoga or meditation at home or in a group. Head to the spa for the day. Book a quick wellness weekend. Take advantage of the holiday bed sales and invest in a sleep-boosting new mattress. Spend the weekend enthralled in a few good books.

Whatever you decide to do enjoy your Memorial Day!

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