Find Your Happy

Find Your Happy

We all want to be happy, but happiness seems to elude many of us. Here’s how to find your happy!

Give Yourself Permission

First and foremost you must give yourself permission to be happy. It might sound silly but most of us don’t believe we deserve to be happy. Embracing your deserveability and basic human right to joy is the first step.

Do More Of What YOU Love

Sit down and make a list of the last time you laughed until you cried, came home exhilarated, or were bursting with joy. Identify what things produced this level of happiness and do more of that. This might include more travel, inspirational workshops, arts and crafts, a girl’s or guy’s night out, or anything that brings YOU more joy. Don’t discount old passions you haven’t participated in for several years.

Make Happiness Your Goal

Many of the goals we work toward are designed to make us happy, but they often don’t—or do but only for a fleeting moment. For example, a promotion at work, nicer car, or bigger home. Unknowingly most of us eliminate the things that bring us happiness because they aren’t “productive”. However, the goal doesn’t need to be anything else other than happiness.

Find your happy and it will create a positive ripple effect in every area of your life!

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